New! 2" Hybrid    The bold combination of a honeycomb and Roman



We like drama.

And our super-sized 2" pleats deliver an award-winning performance. The bold combination of a honeycomb and Roman shade is proportionately sized for dressing up both larger-scale windows and sliding glass doors with a single design. Think big. Choose bold. 2" Hybrid Pleat Shades by Alta.

Top Down/Bottom Up ....

For more versatility than standard controls alone, these shades can be independently lowered from the top or raised from the bottom to any position. Customize your privacy without sacrificing natural light.


The continuous cord stays the same length no matter how much you raise or lower your cellular shades. The specially designed cord tensioner must be secured to the wall or window frame in order to function properly, so it eliminates dangling cords and enhances child safety.


Enjoy the ultimate convenience with remote or wall mounted controls, a must for hard-to-reach shades. Lift your shades on command, even while outside the room. You can also set your shades to open and close by solar controls or on a programmed schedule. Controls are available for individual shades or a group of shades.


Cellular shades include an easy-to-use lift system that raises the shade from the bottom to your desired height. Add the award-winning cordless for a clean appearance free of dangling cord


Vertical 2 " Hybrid Shade ...

Honeycomb pleats run vertically, and slide from side to side - ideal for sliding glass doors or large window expanses. They even make a great room divider                                             


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